Our Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes in perpetuity Cincinnati Museum Center's very special friends who have helped to secure our future when they planned their own. Donors of all income levels have named Museum Center as a beneficiary in their wills or trusts, made life-income gifts, or other deferred giving arrangements. Their gifts benefit Museum Center as a whole or are designated to support a particular Museum, department or program.

These families and individuals have pledged generous, lasting gifts to Cincinnati Museum Center that extend beyond a lifetime. This recognition honors them and inspires generosity in others.

If you have already made arrangements to leave a gift to Museum Center, please inform us so we can add you as a member in our growing Legacy Society.

Member List

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick R. Abbott
Dr. Diane S. Babcock
Ms. Nancy Barbour
Mary Jo Bazeley
Barb & Dave Beato
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bloom
David T. Bohl
Drs. John L. & Ruth C. ^ Carter
Catharine & Walter ^ Chapman
Ms. Joan Cochran
Lois & Phil Cohen
Diana Collins
Caroline H. Davidson
Ms. Caroline S. DeMar
Mr. John A. Diehl ^
Bill & Carol Eckerle
Lori & Bob Fregolle
Susan & William ^ Friedlander
Oliver M. Gale ^
Bruce & Charlotte Gibson
John B. Goering
Mr. & Mrs. William Haller
Charles ^ & Edith ^ Harper
David & Debra Hausrath
Dr. Donald J. Heimbrock^
Timothy E. Hoberg
Dr. Robert T. Howe ^
Thomas Ernst Huenefeld
Mr. James J. Jenny
Jay & Jan Kalagayan
Mr. Paul C. Keidel ^
James G. Kiffmeyer
Richard C. ^ & Jean G. ^ Kinstler
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick G. Koehler
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph L. Krumm
Jean E. Lemon
Susan T. Lennert
Marie G. Leonard ^
Thomas & Adele Lippert
Jane C. MacKnight
Mr. David Mason

Mr. & Mrs. Douglass W. McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Melvin
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Miller
Richard & Crescent Miller
Ike Misali
Dave & Diane Moccia
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Moore, Jr.
Mary L. Morrison^
The Reverend Christopher F. Neely
Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Buck Niehoff
Mr.^ & Mrs. George H. Perbix
Dr. Aaron W. Perlman ^
Elizabeth & Brad Pierce
Beverly S. & Daniel H. Riegle
Dr. ^ & Mrs. George Rieveschl, Jr.
Dr. George P. Rizzi
Mr. ^ & Mrs. John W. Ross, Sr.
Snowden^ & Marianne Rowe
Gregory & Evelyn Schott
Mr.^ & Mrs.^ Paul W. Schuch
Ms. Amy Scrivner & Mrs. Chris Scott
Mr. & Mrs. ^ John L. Shields
Ms. Sandra L. Shipley
Elizabeth Lee Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Specter
Jeff Stevens ^
Mrs. Joan C. Strader
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Sullivan
Mr. John McNeil Tate ^
Mr. G. Richard Thomas
George H. & Kim M. Vincent
Ruth V. Wagner^
Paul & Jo Ann Ward
Dr. Jerry W. Warner
Mr. Mark A. Watkins
Richard A. Weiland
Mr. John H. White, Jr.
Gene M. Wilson^
Miss Mariam A. Zabel
Mark & Irene Zigoris
Anonymous (10)

^ Indicates donor has passed away

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